Reinsurance Partnerships

Our goal: To be a trusted source of reinsurance premium that produces better-than-expected results for our reinsurance partners;

  • AIC has a superior reputation for its ability to manage appropriately risk and produce an underwriting profit;
  • AIC uses its sister company, Assure Re Intermediaries, as its sole production source for MGA opportunities;
  • AIC completes a thorough review of an MGA opportunity prior to submitting the opportunity to the reinsurance market;
  • Actuarial analysis of pricing;
  • Review of underwriting guidelines;
  • Review of claims management systems;
  • Financial solvency review of MGA;
  • Monthly reporting on detail-level metrics to ensure that the MGA has a good understanding of the trends within its business – Dashboard;
  • Bi-annual audits of each MGA program;
  • Underwriting, claims, and transactional audits;
  • AIC participates alongside of the reinsurance market by taking a minimum of 10% of the risk of the program.
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