You Have Questions. Here, You’ll Find Answers!

Common Policy Questions:

When should I call my agent?

Your licensed agent is authorized to answer all policy and coverage questions, as well as help with changes and endorsements.

What happens if I don’t pay my policy premium on time?

A pending cancellation notice will be mailed notifying you with specific information for resolution.

How can I update my mortgage company?

Updating a mortgage company requires your policy to be endorsed. This can be handled by your licensed agent. If you don’t know who your agent is, please contact customer service at (877) 833-4163, option 5.

What payment plans are available? 

We are pleased to offer our insureds various payment options to best fit their unique situation. You can choose to have your mortgage company pay on your behalf through your escrow account or we give our insureds the option to pay with one payment, two payments, four payments or six payments. 

What can I do on the Insured Portal?

Use the Insured Portal to view policy documents, make payments, update personal contact information and view your billing history. 

What do I do after home updates or renovation? 

Home renovations can be a stressful, but exciting part of being a homeowner. But did you know that renovations can also mean alterations to your insurance policy? Call your local agent to discuss how these changes can impact your policy.

How do I get a quote?

We work solely with local independent agents to provide our customers with comprehensive coverage partnered with reliable service. Call your local agent today and ask for a quote from Americas Insurance Company.

Common Claim Questions:

When can I expect my damage to be inspected?

Once your claim has been initiated, you will be given a date and time for your formal inspection. If you were not provided with a date and time for an adjuster's inspection by an Americas claims coordinator, then a claims adjuster will contact you within 48 hours of your reported loss to schedule your inspection. When a major catastrophe occurs, the time period can be delayed due to a large number of incoming claims.

How long can I expect it to take to complete my claim?

The amount of time it takes to wrap up the claims process depends on a number of factors. Your scope of damages and the number of claims being processed by Americas at that time can be factored into the length of time it takes to complete your claim.

How can I monitor my claim status?

To check on the status of your claim, please contact our claims department by calling (225) 277-7151 during our normal business hours of Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm.

Will my premium increase now that I’ve filed a claim?

We do not surcharge or adjust premium as a result of any claim. A number of factors can impact your premium rates, but filing a claim isn't one of them. Your agent can best help you answer any questions you have regarding your premium and review your specific situation with you.

My Settlement Questions:

What does my deductible represent?

Your deductible represents the amount of a covered loss that you are responsible for as defined by your policy. For example, if your covered damages total $3,000 and your deductible is $500, Americas will pay you $2,500.

When do I pay my deductible?

The deductible is the out of pocket expense for which you are responsible. Americas automatically subtracts your deductible from the total amount of your covered damages.

When can I expect my settlement check?

After your adjuster inspects the damage and prepares an estimate, they will submit your repair estimate for approval. Once approved, the adjuster will contact you to review the estimate, depreciation, deductible and net payment amount that you can expect to receive.

Why does my settlement check include the name of my mortgage holder?

If your mortgage holder has been shown as a payee on your check, please understand we are obligated to do so under the terms of your policy as the net payment amount exceeded the $2,500 threshold for any coverage A or B or combination of coverage A & B. Please contact your mortgage holder for their procedure for endorsing payments.