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Our Promise to Our Customers

Americas is committed to providing the highest level of customer service in order to fulfill the commitments promised in the policies we provide to Louisiana homeowners. We challenge ourselves daily and emphasize focus on Loyalty, Stability, and Reliability.

Our entire focus is on the Louisiana homeowners market in order to provide Quality over Quantity. By focusing on one state, we are able to provide an emphasis on strengthening agents’ relationships, on making Americas a stronger business partner, and on improving underwriting and claims results.

These focused efforts have produced significant improvement in new business written and policy retention.

Louisiana-Local Partners

Americas forges long-lasting, reliable partnerships with our agents and policyholders.  Providing our “Americas Team” with the tools they need to offer our clients security and peace of mind is our most valuable attribute.  With flexibility that matches our customer service, our agents are always close by and are committed to helping policyholders as quickly as possible.

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