Americas announced PIA Associate Member of the Year

Americas couldn’t be more honored to announce that we were recently chosen the 2021 Associate Member of the Year by the PIA at their Annual Conference. President and CEO Ray Pate was thrilled to accept this award, along with Americas team members Debbie Lee and Debbie Harrington who have both held multiple leadership roles in PIA and other industry leading organizations.

Americas was recognized for the disaster relief efforts for the Lake Charles community that we facilitated with the help of the PIA and fellow industry professionals, the skillset and experience our team offers, our efficient handling of the 2020 hurricane season, and our commitment to PIA, its members, as well as to the industry as a whole.

PIA of Louisiana President Charlie Williams shared that “Besides what we all throughout the world were experiencing with the pandemic, our state had additional challenges with all the storms we had in 2020. My area was especially hit hard with back-to-back hurricanes, the winter storm and then flooding recently. We know these challenges affected all our companies personally as well. So, as we met to select our award recipient for the Associate Member award, we couldn’t help but take these unusual circumstances into consideration. Many of our companies stepped up to help, by giving supplies as well as sending financial support. But we had one company that stepped up in addition to that by coordinating with PIA in conducting its own relief efforts. Besides being a PIA Silver Partner, they are also so quick to help in any way they can.”

Americas wants to take this opportunity to thank Dane and Clint Dauzat from Accessible Insurance Agency, Darryl Frank from Frank & Associates, Nolan and Angie Louque, William DeBruler, Mike Wattigney and Casey Rodrigue from Riverlands Insurance Agency, Stephen Lovecchio from TWFG, Matt Monson from Monson Law Firm and Jody Boudreaux and Coleen Brooks from PIA who went above and beyond to provide the Lake Charles area relief after Hurricanes Laura and Delta. This group was integral in the organization of the project and joined Ray, Debbie Lee, Debbie Harrington and others from the insurance industry to provide over 2,000 hot meals to the Lake Charles community in October of last year. We would also like to express our gratitude to Mr. Jody Lemoine, a lifelong friend of Darryl Frank, who worked tirelessly in the preparation of the meals. Mr. Lemoine tragically passed away of natural causes a few days after this event.

In accepting this award, Ray noted that this prestigious accomplishment couldn’t have been achieved without the diligence of #TeamAmericas! The team was led during the recent hurricane season by our Executive Vice President and COO Anne Missett to provide the highest level of customer service to those that need us the most, our policyholders. The team committed countless hours to ensure that all claims were handled as quickly as possible. Anne mentioned that “Every storm is an opportunity to improve our processes and find a way to better respond to our policyholders.”  We have an amazing team that is supplemented by the wonderful group of agents that we work with every day.

We are truly humbled by this prestigious award and will continue to put in the extra work so we will always be here when you need us!