Introducing the new

Welcome to our new website where you'll find a complete source for all your Louisiana home insurance needs.

Our new site features some great informational resources such as Home Safety Tips to help keep your house in the best shape to handle the unexpected, Disaster Preparation so you and your property is always prepared for the worst, Frequently Asked Questions so you'll be able to access real information immediately, and even Insurance Terms to better help you understand our industry. We've also included plenty of information about Our Company and Team and our tactics in sustaining our Financial Stability so our customers never need worry about if they'll be taken care of should the worst happen.

We pride ourselves in proclaiming Americas has you covered. Our new website also features our two primary sources of coverage in Homeowners Insurance and Dwelling Insurance policies so you can learn as much as possible before speaking with your agent, as well as having access to your account 24/ with our Insured Portal. Agents can also find the Agent Portal anytime as well.

We've been helping families and individuals for years and we choose to focus our efforts to exclusively servicing Louisianians by providing the highest level of customer service in order to fulfill the commitments promised in the policies we provide to Louisiana homeowners. Whether you’ve suffered damage to your residence or personal property, or endured a loss resulting from a catastrophic event, we have a hassle-free, convenient claims process that is designed to get you and your assets back to normal as soon as possible.

We are so proud to provide you or your employees with our expert, single-source services for all your home insurance needs.